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Small Batch Vegan Beauty Products From Essex

One of the biggest benefits of ordering from a small, local business such as Kayshella's Kollection here in Essex is that you can feel confident the products you buy have been made with care.

You can discover our vegan-friendly beauty products and find the right product for you and your skin. Our products are handmade here in Essex, supporting a UK-based business today whilst protecting animals.

All of our products have been designed to use recyclable packaging and as we are against animal cruelty, we only create vegan beauty products that are equally eco-friendly. Together we can protect animals and the plenty; choose an animal-free and cruelty-free product today with zero net waste.

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Customer Reviews

Hey just tried the Glowing Cleanser then Super Fruit Serum. The cleanser is a lovely thick creamy consistency! Smells of sherbert. Loved rubbing it all over my face, it felt luxurious. It took off all my make up and easily took off my mascara. My face felt clean and moisturised afterwards. I rinsed with water then put on the serum which felt very silky going on. It mattified and smoothed my skin. I finished with my own night cream and my face feels lovely! Xx

Tina Broom

Hey Kayshella, just thought I would let you know that I am UTTERLY OBSESSED with my face cleanser and fruit serum! I have never found any product that hasn’t irritated my skin and you’ve literally nailed it. My skin feels clean, healthy and totally fresh, I cannot stop using it! Will definitely be buying more! Thank you so much. xxx

Jordan Enderson

I would rate this collection a 4 out of 5! I adore the packing of both products, how it is simple but luxurious which is also true to its feel and purpose. After the first use, I would say I felt a difference in my skin. I love how the suds in the face wash wasn't overpowering like most cleanser whiles making my face feel clean, and smooth. The scent is there but subtle for those sensitive to fragrance like myself. And the serum! The serum is my favorite. It is hydrating, not oily or thick but rather so smoothing. These two products are a great duo.

Jaydeena. R

The packaging is fresh and simple but still has a luxurious feel to it. In comparison to cleansers on the market £22.00 is good value for money for 200ml. It's smooth and lifts of the dirt off with ease leaving your face smooth and soft and coupled with fruit glow serum you are left with a natural youthful glow that last throughout the day. However I would love for Kayshella’s Kollection to come out with a moisturiser. As this would make my skin routine complete and will give other competitors a run for their money. X

Serena Miller

I will be honest with cleansers I tend to buy what ever is on offer. But wanted to give this ago as not made by a big corporate business, and I love supporting new businesses. I need to take more care on what I put on my face. This product smells amazing and goes on so smoothly with a tiny pea size dot. My skin has been a lot clearer and smoother, even before I put on the moisturiser. Recommend this for anyone xx

Tracey Crookbaine